Message from the Chairman, P&D Board

Planning & Development Board, Government of Sindh was established on 13-Jan-2017 and is  manned by about 200 officers and staff working in various technical and administration sections. This number continues to expand with increasing challenges and responsibilities.

The Department is largely responsible for advising the government on development policy and planning which includes scrutiny, approval and sustainability of development schemes by according preference to lesser privileged areas, expansion of social coverage and creating accommodating environment for private sector led growth.

It plays a vital role in socioeconomic development of the Province. In an economy where public and private sectors co-exist, development can only occur if there exist well charted courses leading towards targets of growth, which emanate from direct investment by both public and private sectors. This requires careful selection and implementation of development projects for various government departments and providing direction for private sector investment through incentives and appropriate monetary, fiscal and trade policies.

To complete major interventions for poverty alleviation and human development as well as accelerating economic growth a number of focused infrastructural development activities are carried out every year through Annual Development Plan. Public participation, decentralization and targeted outcomes remain the hallmark of these efforts.

Open to dialogue and criticism, flexible to accept change and challenges, we remain committed to a development approach which fulfills the requirements and aspirations of the people of Sindh in a systematic way.